Executives Guild, Ltd. Member Application

To join the Executives Guild, Ltd’s networking group, fill out the form below or click here to print an application.

Once your membership is approved you will be contacted by the V.P. of Membership who will meet with you to review your responsibilities as a member, the organizations By-Laws, Policies & Procedures, and expectations for meeting attendance. Most meetings are held on the 4th Wednesday evening of every month.

Upon completion of this form, please send the application and payment of $250 which is the application fee to:

Executives Guild, Ltd.
PO Box 1743
Des Plaines, IL 60017-1743

    Step 1: Business Information Section

    Name of Company: Phone:
    Address: Fax:
    Address 2: Cell:

    Check Appropriate Box: Sole ProprietorshipPartnershipCorporationLLC
    # of Years in Business: > # of W-2 Employees: # of 1099 Workers:

    Describe the main products/services rendered by your company:


    Gross Sales:
    This Year (projected): > Last Year: Previous Year:
    Business Bank: Phone: Contact:

    Information on Principals:
    Name: Title: Phone:
    Name: Title: Phone:

    Business References: (not to include a current EGL member)
    Reference 1
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    Reference 2
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    Step 2: Personal Data Section

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    Resident Address: Personal Bank:
    Marital Status: Single Married  
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    Personal References:

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    Reference 3:
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    Step 3: Social and Business Information:

    Organization Affiliations and Offices held:
    List the major industries you currently provide services/products to:
    When developing a relationship, what types of businesses or industries would be the most beneficial to your growth?
    How will EGL members benefit from your becoming a member?
    Can you recommend another company that may be interested in joining the Executives Guild, Ltd?
    Which EGL member, if any, sponsored your application?